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Its that time of  the year again - its sweater time.  This year sweaters have replaced the traditional jacket or coat.  Many sweaters are 3/4 or full length and are not only stylish but  are very warm.  However, many women think sweaters make them look larger and are reluctant to wear them.     A great way to make yourself look thinner is to wear a sweater with a geometric pattern.  The use of optical illusion properties of colors and lines flatters a women's body.  Bold patterns can distract the eye and camouflage your outline causing the observer to notice the item of clothing instead of your size.
ClothesHorse Fashion, www.ClothesHorseFashion.com, has a stunning Black and White Geometric Print Sweater which flatters any size or shape.  It's a classic.  The sweater brushes slightly past the hips to create a smooth, streamlined silhouette that will make your hips and stomach look thinner.  The fabric is soft and drapes loosely in the front covering the mid-section.  A belt can be worn to accent your waistline.  If you have a lot of "black" clothing in your closet - this jacket will brighten and update your wardrobe.   Visit www.ClothesHorseFashion.com for more details.